2021 at Allen Physiotherapy

We are very pleased to announce the reopening of our Battersea Clinic from Tuesday 18th May!

The opening hours are Tuesdays 7:30 am to 11:30 am.

Covid-19 Information

Face to Face appointments

In accordance with guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) we are offering in clinic appointments for patients meeting specific criteria, a telephone risk assessment is performed prior to an initial appointment.

To reduce risk to our patients and staff we now:

• Separate out appointments for increased cleaning and airing • Wear appropriate PPE • Reduce the number of staff in the building at one time •

We ask patients to:

• Complete Covid-19 specific health screening before appointments • Wait outside the clinic until called for their appointment • Bring and wear a face covering or mask • Pay by contactless or bank transfer • Battersea is not currently open. 


Click here for more details on what we’ve done to reduce risk

Virtual Consultations

We are continuing to provide virtual (telephone/remote) consultations of up to 30 minutes. Click here for more info.

Call 01483 571783 / Email Reception@physiosportsmed.co.uk or Contact us to arrange

These are conducted within CSP guidelines and be between you and the physiotherapist only. Notes are taken as per your usual consultations but no recording will be made.

Insurance Companies

AXA/PPP And BUPA: We have been informed will cover virtual consultations.

Other Providers: If you will be claiming through another insurance provider please contact them beforehand to confirm that they will cover the cost.

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  • I wouldn’t have considered an online appointment until the pandemic. But, I was pleasantly surprised how efficient the service was. I was also impressed by how effective the consultation and treatment were. I would highly recommend this approach for treatment.

  • Really beneficial treatment and it was all explained clearly! Thank you!!.

  • The best physio I’ve been to (been to 3 others) with treatments that work long term!

  • John has a good balance between encouragement and “admonishment”… which I find helpful and motivational

  • I’d torn my ankle ligaments but with intensive physio I was back to exercising again within 8 weeks. Thank you!

  • There is always a happy atmosphere!!

  • I was very impressed with the knowledge and speed of diagnosis of my long-term injury.

  • The team have been my go to physios for a while and always manage to put me back together! Thanks a million!

  • Really beneficial discussion, Ben was really helpful and explained it well. Thank You!


Key Facts


Years of combined experience

Our physiotherapists are fully qualified chartered physiotherapists and have all worked for a minimum of 4 years.


Average patient satisfaction rating

In our yearly patient satisfaction survey 99% of our patients would happily recommend us! We’re always aiming to make that 100%



Average number of sessions required

On average most patients have around 4.5 sessions with our physiotherapists providing them with treatments that work long term.


Years serving the local community

We’re proud that over 90% of new patients contact us on the recommendation of their Doctor or friends!

Back pain, knee and shoulder pain, are just a few of the common conditions we treat…