Keeping both patients and staff safe is our priority. We realise these measures may seem strange and uncomfortable.

We have taken steps in accordance with Public Health England (PHE) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, to safeguard patient and therapist.

Below are detailed many of the precautions and changes we have made.

What we are doing to keep everyone safe 


• Our reception team will use a Covid-19 screening questionnaire to ensure that neither patient nor household are exhibiting symptoms when arranging an appointment

• Prior to attending face to face appointments patients must fill out a screening questionnaire (detailed below

• Patients will be required to complete a virtual consultation with the physiotherapist before any face to face consultation (detailed below)

• Appointment times will be staggered, with a minimum of individuals in the building at any point, to reduce the likelihood of any risk of virus transmission

• Treatment rooms will be cleaned between appointments (detailed below)

• The therapist will wear PPE (detailed below)

• We will not be provide towels, pillows or shorts. If a patient requires these, please bring to an appointment

• Until the physiotherapist is ready patients cannot enter the building

• Upon arrival please inform reception by phone or doorbell

• Patients must come unaccompanied (except in circumstances discussed during the screening).

• Patients must bring and wear a face covering or mask

• Patients must use sanitising hand gel on entry to and before leaving the clinic

• Toilet facilities will be open for emergencies only •

Cleaning of the Building and Treatment Rooms


Prior to the first patient the treatment area will be cleaned. There will be a minimum 15-minute gap between patients to allow for sanitising and airing of the treatment room. The treatment room will be cleaned again after the last patient. In addition, the building will be cleaned at the end of each day.

Video Consultation Prior to Booking Appointment and Patient Consent

All new and returning patients will be required to have an initial video or telephone assessment with the physiotherapist prior to booking their clinic appointment.

Face to face appointments cannot happen without the initial remote assessment.

During this assessment the physio will use clinical reasoning skills to consider the risk versus benefit of face to face appointments. They will explain why they think face to face or virtual appointments would be better. A joint, informed decision about the best course of action (including risks) will be made and taken as verbal consent.

Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire

Prior to each face to face appointment you will receive a Covid-19 screening questionnaire by email, which must be completed and returned. This will be reviewed by the physiotherapist before the patient attends. If email contact is a problem, please tell reception when you are making a booking.

Therapist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


In a setting where a patient is not diagnosed with or suspected of having Covid-19 the recommended PPE and APR policy is that therapists must wear:

Disposable gloves (single use)

Disposable Plastic Apron (single use)

Fluid resistant (Type 11R) mask (session use)


Your therapist may need to wear a plastic face shield during treatment if in close proximity to your face.



Booking further Appointments & Payments 


Appointments can be booked at reception (before leaving) or by telephone.

A screen has been placed at reception to reduce contact risk. 

For infection control, the card machine cannot be touched by patients. Instead, payments can be made via contactless, mobile-app, over the phone or by bank transfer.  

We are unable to accept cash or cheques.


Please note that if you do not attend your appointment you will be charged at full cost.



In spite of these difficult times we will continue to provide professional, high quality care to our patients.